Hello! My name is Daniel and I’m a software developer in the Bay Area Jacksonville area.

Things I like

  • Bullet points. It is easier to read and write, and my blog writing style reflects this.
  • Classic computers. I learned assembly programming on C64 and I have fond memories of my Amiga 500. I dream of VT100 terminal and NeXTcube.
  • Writing code, creating new things, and fixing old ones.

Other interesting bits

I also served in the U.S. Army, and became a combat medic, to the surprise of my geeky friends, colleagues, and parents. (To all the 68 Whiskey, I salute you.) My adventure started in Fort Benning, Georgia, and continued with missions across the world, but that’s another story. Anyway, it was an honor to serve, and the journey was filled with unforgettable lessons of life, which had taught me about “discipline”, “comraderie”, “selfless service”, and “courage”.

My education

I have a bachelor degree in Information and Computer Science as well as a master’s degree in I.T. Management and another in finance. That’s enough school for me.