Apr 1, 2008 samba admin

Notes on Samba network file system.


Samba Guide (Official)

Add user

Useful setting for smb.conf

Allow the user to act as root when accessing files in samba server

[global], admin users=daniel

prevent creation of annoying hidden files

; Veto the Apple specific files that a NetAtalk server creates.
veto files = /Thumbs.db/.DS_Store/._.DS_Store/.apdisk/
delete veto files=yes

Cross-platform Issues

Vista without updated SP1,SP2

Mountain Lion and Maverick cannot connect to Mac, if Vista is not SP2!

Fix for Snow Leopard

  1. Run the registry editor (regedit) and open this key:


  2. If it doesn’t already exist, create a DWORD value named LmCompatibilityLevel
  3. Set the value to 1
  4. Reboot

Win XP to Linux Samba

Fix CJK when connecting from Linux to a Windows. * Make the Korean letter visible from Linux (ie Win pc has a share with Korean filename)

mount -t smbfs //danielPC/D /media/fileserver1 -o user=daniel,codepage=cp949

option: add -o iocharset=utf8