Python TDD with Nose

Apr 8, 2013 python

Python has many testing frameworks including its venerable unittest as well as alternatives. [Read More...]

Python Datetime

Apr 8, 2013 python

Date has only date (year, month, day) but not time. [Read More...]

Python debuggers

Mar 20, 2013 python

Python debugger notes. [Read More...]

Power Mac G3 backup server

Oct 10, 2012 Mac

I needed a backup server so I can back up all my files which were in my ZFS file server (FreeBSD), in the event that ZFS failed. But RAID, even if it is ZFS, is not a backup! ZFS also provides snapshot, which is kinda like backup. However, true backup needs to be PHYSICALLY separate in case of catastrophic disaster in its worst kind, such death of 4 hard drives all at once, burglary, or natural disasters like earthquakes (for Californians like myself). [Read More...]


Feb 7, 2012 admin

Notes on Cron for *nix and Mac OSX. [Read More...]