Hadoop ecosystem

Feb 28, 2015 hadoop

Notes on Hadoop ecosystem. [Read More...]


Aug 31, 2014 zfs

If I had to use one and only one file system, there is only one choice. ZFS. It’s robust with stability and has some amazing features.
And with that, I’d most likely use FreeBSD because it’s free and it has the most mature implementation of ZFS outside of Oracle/Sun Solaris. ZFS on Linux isn’t as stable, and I hope that Btrfs will will be ready for production. [Read More...]

Python iteration and generator

Jun 4, 2014 python

Notes on python’s iteration and generator. [Read More...]

Using regular expression in Python

Mar 24, 2014 python regex

Notes and tips on Python’s regular expression library. [Read More...]

JSON in Python

Apr 13, 2013 python

Convert json text into python data [Read More...]